3 things to expect from working with us

1 - Identify the holes in your current sales process

2 - A defined growth strategy that is aligned with your business objectives

3 - Direct access to elite subject matter experts with unconventional insights for growing your business



How it works

Step 1 - Book a Growth Shrink Session with Christien Louviere

Christien is the Managing Partner for SellPersonal and will connect with you for a 90-minute discovery call where he will ask you lots of questions related to your business, your goals and your growth stack which includes your technology, talent and strategy.

Step 2 - You receive a Growth FlyWheel Blueprint

We’ll create a full report detailing the exact technology stack that you need, the cost for each piece of technology and a step-by-step plan on how to connect them.

Step 3 - Growth FlyWheel Blueprint review

Christien will connect with you for a 60-minute call to go over the entire Growth FlyWheel Blueprint with you.

Step 4 - Weekly progress coaching call + chat support

You will get direct access to the team via our SellPersonal Slack channel as well as four weekly 1-hour coaching sessions with Christien.

Step 5 - Done-For-You (3-month minimum)

At any time, if you choose to have us keep you and your team accountable for the Growth FlyWheel Blueprint that we design for you, then that’s exactly what we’ll do in the form of a consulting retainer.