Ready to get intimate?

The Technology HookUp Session


You show us yours, and well...we'll scrutinize it.

Each session takes place on only one day, can last up to 4-hours and can include:

  • Interviews with key sales leaders, including at least one member of the C-Suite
  • Interviews with key sales personnel
    • Sales professionals
    • Marketing professionals
    • Technology professionals
  • Screen-share recordings of individual sales professionals going through their routines

How it works:

  1. Book a Technology HookUp Session

  2. We conduct interview with key sales processes stakeholders and record 2 of your sales reps going through their typical sales routines.

  3. You receive a recommendation for a proper sales stack (technology, team, workflows), a time-based ROI calculator as well as a plan for execution including the option to have us implement our recommendation with a Technology Automation Date.


Not sure if a Technology HookUp Session is right for you? Schedule a quick call with Christien here to figure it out.