Thought Leadership Marketing Growth Roadmap


Everything You Need to Generate ROI on Your Thought Leadership Marketing Efforts

Content marketing isn't actually that hard in theory. 

What is hard about thought leadership marketing?

  • Knowing exactly what content to create before you waste time creating it.
  • How to find the audiences and influencers that want to see your content.
  • How to find the right partners to create the content for you.
  • How to measure the ROI (Return On Investment) of your thought leadership marketing.
  • How to do all of this necessary content marketing and still run your damn business!


  • 2 Days on-site in Atlanta with the SellPersonal team.

  • A professional video recording and transcription of our time together (no need to take notes).

  • A full roadmap that outlines exactly how to execute the Thought Leadership Marketing Growth Strategy that we provided.

  • A full blueprint of how your content marketing technology stack should be engineered.

  • Full access to our network of recommended specialists to carry out each specific aspect of the Thought Leadership Marketing Roadmap.

  • A content marketing portfolio that will help you track the actual ROI of your content marketing investments.

  • 3 months of ROI-tracking inside of a real-time dashboard once your content marketing has been launched.*

  • 3 months of weekly ROI-tracking reports delivered directly to you once your content marketed has been launched.*

(*The real-time dashboard and weekly reporting can be extended on a per month basis once the initial 3 months has concluded.)

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