SellPersonal is a members-only virtual assistant service specifically designed for revenue generators.

Your Own  24/7 Sales Assistant

My LinkedIn Profile was never seen. SellPersonal made my LinkedIn profile more effective.
— Abe Plummer, Sells to CFOs for a Fortune 500 Financial Firm
SellPersonal is constantly taking things off of my plate. It makes me a better leader and my team is growing (experientially) as a result.
— Joe Koufman, CEO of AgencySparks


•Membership = $10.99 per month

($1 for your first month)

•15 Free Minutes Included Every Month

  • Any task over 15 minutes = $1 per minute

How Does SellPersonal Work?

  1. Become a member. Join us now! ($1 for your first month. $10.99 per month thereafter.)

  2. Once you're a member, you can make a request from our list of services.

  3. You confirm the work.

  4. We deliver the work.

  5. We bill you weekly for the work.

But, this, right here, this is INVALUABLE. I don’t know how your financial model works. Is it viable for you to charge me $10/mo, and give this kind of personalized advice and service?
— James Hou, Top 5 Commercial Insurance Brokerage




On-Demand Sales Assistants

As an elite revenue generator, the more help you have with administrative tasks, the more money you can make.

We take those tasks off of your hands, so you can focus on what you do best...building relationships and earning revenue.

A Sales Community

A draw back of being a high performing revenue generator is that it can be hard to find like-minded people to lean on for help.

Support is never more than a "thumb" away on your mobile device.

Access To Data

Do you ever find yourself needing the contact information of a client or prospect but can't find it?

We have you covered anytime. You can request:

  • Email addresses
  • Facebook profiles
  • LinkedIn profiles

Social Post Boosting

Are you tired of writing your LinkedIn post and nobody ever seeing it?

Just put the link to the post into the community. Everyone will Like, Comment and Share your post!

Track Your Productivity

Sales is about knowing your numbers and staying productive.

We'll track all the time that you're saving as a SellPersonal member so you can always see your productivity increases.

Social Sales Analytics

Do you know if your latest LinkedIn post is actually doing anything for your personal brand?

We'll keep your social analytics updated weekly so you know exactly how well your personal brand is doing.


(Frequently Asked Questions)


How do I make requests?

Once you become a SellPersonal Member, you will have access to our team (and other SellPersonal Members) in our Slack channel.

All requests will be made in Slack. You can see list of our services here.

What is Slack?

Slack is a messaging application for teams. It's easy to use and syncs instantly across all of your devices.

Why Slack?

Email can be distracting and is not the most productive form of communication. Our goal is to make your life less chaotic so you can focus on generating revenue. We don't want to be another distraction in your busy life.

How will I be charged for my requests?

We will bill you weekly using the credit card that you signed up with.

How much do you charge?

It depends on the request. Everything that we do is "productized," so you know exactly what you're getting and the exact cost to you.

What is an example of how a request might work?

  1. You make a request from our list of services.
  2. We follow-up with you for the next steps.
  3. Once next steps are confirmed, we will move forward with the work.
  4. We deliver the work and offer as many revisions as needed.
  5. We bill you each week for the work.

For example...

SellPersonal Member, "I would like you to organize my expense report every Friday."

SellPersonal Team, "Sure. Do you want to pay weekly or prepay monthly?"

SellPersonal Member, "Weekly."

SellPersonal Team, "Ok. Let's setup a kickoff call, so I can understand the specifics of your expense reporting software and processes."

SellPersonal delivers the work.

SellPersonal charges your credit card at the end of the week for $10.

Do you offer discounts?

Sure! Any work that is prepaid for the month will be given a 10% discount.

How are you different than a VA (virtual assistant) service?

We are different in several ways.

  1. We don't charge per minute.
  2. We don't quote custom work.
  3. We don't hire generalists.
  4. We are 100% focused on serving revenue generators.
  5. We productize our services so the that all of the Members benefit from the efficiencies that we create.

Why Is SellPersonal A Membership?

SellPersonal is a membership for a variety for reasons, but the prominent one is that we take great care in curating the best talent in the world to help you accomplish great things in your sales career.

We believe that revenue generators are truly unique people that are lacking a global community. SellPersonal strives to be a sanctuary for our Members. The membership dues helps create a barrier of entry from those that will not invest in themselves, so you get to connect with likeminded professionals.

Every SellPersonal Member is an elite revenue generator.