Step 1 - Sales FlyWheel HookUp Session

Duration = 1 - 3 Days


We want to see your sales team doing their best work. The goal of this engagement is to figure out what is and is not working for your team with regards to lead generation, data entry and outreach.

How It Works:

  • The SellPersonal team will interview all key personnel on the sales team that are involved in the CX (customer experience). This can be virtual or in-person.

  • We will deliver a personalized Sales FlyWheel Blueprint for your company to follow.

What's included in the Sales FlyWheel Blueprint?

The specifics will vary but the 3 areas of recommendation that we will make are:

  1. Your Sales FlyWheel Tech Stack (from go-to-market strategy through retention)

  2. Your Sales FlyWheel Sales Process (from go-to-market strategy through retention)

  3. Your Sales FlyWheel Sales Analytics Infrastructure (conversion rates, objectives and key results)




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