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Are you struggling to write email subject lines that convert at a high rate?

The Midnight in paris will get you a 20% response rate


Do you ever wonder what you should do with all of those LinkedIn connections ?

The big lebowski recipe will help you to create and scale a consistent outreach process on linkedin


Are you an attorney struggling to with social media?

The burden of proof will show off your expertise through the use of a long-form linkedin status update


Are you struggling to get people to view your LinkedIn articles ?

grab the supermensch to roundup influencers that will like and share your fresh new article without hesitation

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Are you struggling to get strong open rates on your cold emails ?

the ed tv will help your open rates soar above 80%

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Did you just inherit leads from a former sales rep and you don't know how to introduce yourself ?


the 50 first Dates will help you reintroduce yourself to all of the reps old accounts at scale !


How to use tools to get relevant information so you can make contact with prospects personal ?


MR. Robot will help you on how to get the information