The Sales Noisebuster

There are more than 5,000 sales technologies that your sales team can use. Your sales team only needs about 5 of them to build more predictable sales pipeline.

Our Sales Noisebuster is a review process that will break through the noise to uncover:

  • Opportunities to optimize (and often times reduce) your technology spend

  • Opportunities to increase your sales admin work productivity

  • The sales opportunities that you're leaving on the table by not having a proven system

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Wasted SaaS Dollars?

We'll Show You What It's Costing You.

There are over 5,000 sales tools on the market.

Your sales team needs about 5.

We'll show you which SaaS tools to cut and add.


Want Your Sales Team Selling?

We'll Show Your Where Your Sales Process Is Broken

Depending on the source, it's said that between 20% - 64% of a sales reps time is spent on admin tasks.

Anything near 30% is too much.

We'll show you how to make your sales team more efficient.

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Not Sure That You Have The Right Technologies?

Revamp Your Sales Workflows

  • Your sales reps are doing their own thing.
  • You need a scalable process that will grow with your business.
  • We'll show you the sales process that your reps can start using today to build a predictable pipeline.

Includes a 2-hour interview with the sales team leaders, a screen recording of your chosen sales rep going through their typical sales process and a workflow analysis that identifies exactly how to build a better sales stack and system.


*(This cost gets applied to any Selling With Chrome package moving forward).

I’ll rarely read cold emails from sales reps. Anything Christien sends me is gold! I’m glad he’s training sales teams to be more strategic.
— Meg Crawford, Fortune 100 Tech Brand
I’m an accountant. My expertise never really changes, so it was always a struggle to create new content. The SellPersonal workflows help me find stay in front of new audiences.
— Michael Hsu, Founder - DeepSky Accounting
SellPersonal is constantly taking things off of my plate. My sales have increased and my team executes faster.
— Joe Koufman, Founder - AgencySparks
There are so many new sales tools out there. SellPersonal is my resource to call when I’m looking for help thinking about my latest tools to update my sales tech stack.
— Genevieve Bos, Partner & CoFounder - Thought Capital

Not sure if a Sales Noisebuster is right for you?
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