3 Ways to Join SellPersonal

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Join our community of sales professionals and founders. We provide new sales recipes daily and a weekly conference call. 

It's a great way to learn about SellPersonal, network with your peers and learn about the latest sales strategies.


Buy the SellPersonal Model


This is a one-time package that sets you up for success with the SellPersonal Sales Model

-3 days of virtual sales training

-20 total modules

-15 modules build a ready-to-operate social selling machine

-5 modules build an ongoing content creation process that works like a flywheel

-Unlimited 30-day access for your team

Ongoing Social Sales Support

$4,000 per month for 5 people

This is EXCLUSIVE only to members that have purchased training. There is a 3-month minimum on these packages.

Included in the Support Package

-Ongoing Weekly Nationwide Training Calls including Q&A (Participants are kept anonymous)

-Unlimited Access to All SellPersonal Recipes

-Private 24/7/365 Slack Channel Moderated by a SellPersonal Expert

-Unlimited requests for industry articles, LinkedIn opportunities, Quora opportunities and email drip editing.

-Email address requests in batches of 40

-Unlimited content editing against the SellPersonal recipes