How It Works


Step 1 - Swipe Right with a technology Hookup Session

A proper sales stack (technology, team, workflows) that is automated and scalable is crucial to growing your business. Without a proper sales stack, your business will not be optimized to grow with consistency.

The key to creating an automated and scalable sales stack is hooking your sales team into the correct sales technologies and designing automated workflows around them. There are over 5,000 technologies in the world that you can hook into your sales stack. It's likely that you need less than 15 of them.

Our Technology HookUp Session will make sense of the technology landscape for you so that you can build a proper sales stack optimized for speed and scalability.


Step 2 - Get personal with a technology automation date

After our Technology Hookup Session reveals all of the technologies that are running your business processes, we help you connect them all together to automate your business. Our Technology Automation Date refines your entire business process automation technology stack.