Frequently Asked Questions

How do you justify your pricing? +

We price based on the value that we will provide to you. Ask yourself these questions:

  1. Are you consistently having trouble creating content?
  2. Do you create content that seemingly never gets noticed?
  3. Do you get exhausted just thinking about how to market yourself?
  4. Do you have tons of ideas in your head but never have time to work on them?

If you answered, "Yes," to any of the above questions, then you need SellPersonal.

Also consider the actual versus opportunity cost.

Actual Cost = A salaried employee will cost you at least 3X the yearly investment that you will make into your SellPersonal membership.

Opportunity Cost = Your competition is talking every day. You have to keep up. To keep up, you need help. You can't grow if you can't scale past your own network.

How do I submit my edits? +

We prefer that you send us an audio or video file with your thoughts. You may send us written edits, but it's usually much easier for both parties to interpret audio or video. Edits done in writing have much less context.

Why won't you create 100% original content for me? +

Your expertise is constant. You likely don't need more content. You more depth to your content. And then you need to have it strategically distributed to channels where audiences already exist.

What qualifies as content that we can repurpose? +

Just about anything. It does not have to be published professional content. Here are some examples of content that has been submitted to us:

• Blog post

• Guest blog post

• Random Evernote notes

• 3-hour audio clip recorded while the client was on a flight from Las Vegas

• Screenshots of notes

• Really long text messages

• Facebook Live videos

• Slide-decks

• Articles from other authors that they want put into their own words

What kind of content do you repurpose my content into? +

Written content. Here are some examples of repurposed content that we've created:

• Blog post

• LinkedIn status updates

• LinkedIn articles

• Facebook status updates

• Medium articles

• Email drip sequences

• Guest blog post

• Templated email

• Quora answers

• Personal email

• Text message

• Bot conversation sequence

Why do you not price per word? +

Word count is not a strategy. Word count is not relevant for the strategies that we provide you with upon delivering your content.

Do you handle the distribution? +

No. But each deliverable provides you (or your team) with detailed instructions for how, where and when to distribute the repurposed content that we deliver.

Do you offer paid media management? +


Do you offer custom content? +

No. But we will make recommendations.

Why can't I buy just one blog post? +

Because no one is coming to your website for just one blog post. In fact, it's likely very few people are coming to your website now. Very few of the content distribution strategies that we offer suggest posting a blog to your website except as a bonus. You have to put your content where there are already targeted audiences. One blog post on your website will do nothing for you. Like word count, a blog post is not a strategy. Our Recipes are.

How do I know if your writers have expertise in my field? +

It doesn't matter. We cannot be you. You give us the ammo. We hand you back a loaded gun.

Where do you get your writers? +

We're constantly recruiting content creators from all over the world. We've hired people from Upwork and Fiverr and a few professional journalists and even a nurse practitioner that happens to be an amazing writer on the side. Recruiting the right talent is one of our core competencies and one of your primary benefits as a member