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Are you wasting your time gathering information instead of building relationships with prospects?

SellPersonal is the only personal concierge for sales professionals and founders.


How Do We Do This?

SellPersonal is designed to build the personal brand of the sales professional so that they can build a relationship with their customers.

We train sales professionals on our adaptive social selling model. We then provide easy-to-follow recipes that can be executed against the model. Most importantly, we provide sales professionals with a private SellPersonal Slack group that is moderated by SellPersonal experts 24/7/365 to support your team.

We are the only social sales program that is actually social by design. Your sales professionals don’t have time to share their best practices and most sales teams can’t wait until a quarterly meeting to hear about them. SellPersonal fosters a live environment for sales teams and where they can get support from our team of content strategists.

"I actually feel bad for my sales reps. Their marketing departments send me over 200 emails per day, and I read none of them. Everything Christien sends me provides value to my day. Sales professionals are in for a treat."
-Stefanie Taylor, Fortune 100 Private Pet Food Retailer
"I'll rarely read cold emails from sales reps. I'll read emails, texts, Facebook Messages. Anything Christien sends me is gold! I'm glad he's training sales reps to be better."
-Meg Crawford, Fortune 250 Technology Brand
"Less than 5% take the time to actually individualize the email. If they do take the time, they have a much higher chance of connecting with me."
-Loren Feldman, Senior Editor at Forbes
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