Your leaders have ideas but your company is not built to cultivate them.

You need to bring them together to unlock innovation or your customers will leave you.

We facilitate workshops to break down the silos between sales, marketing, and CRM that will create a great customer experience.

17%...that’s how much growth we experienced while working with SellPersonal.
— Joe Koufman, CEO -


Sales Innovation Assessment + Recommendation

Whether starting a new project or trying to fix an existing bottleneck with your customer experience, we learn about your objectives, team and CRM.

You’ll receive a recommendation for achieving your objectives.

Sales Innovation Workshop

This is a 1-day workshop with the individuals responsible for sales, marketing and CRM.

The goal of this workshop is to help your team think through their objectives and design an innovative customer-driven solution to achieve those objectives.

You’ll receive actionable recommendations for clearing your innovation hurdles and designing a customer-driven solution that grows your business.

Sales Innovation Advisory + Consulting

Based on the work we do together in the Sales Innovation Workshop, we’ll design a solution to achieve a customer-driven objective. At this level of service, we will build out a full roadmap along with recommended implementation vendors.

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