Buyers don’t want to talk to you until they tell you that they do.

The problem with your sales team…

It has outdated (or absolutely zero) sales training.

The problem with your marketing team…

They’re busy making inbound marketing lead magnets based on stagnant data.

And this is how your buyer responds…

81% of tech buyers don’t fill out forms when they encounter gated content.
— The Future Tech Buying Committee: What Marketers Need to Know, Now
90% of decision-makers never answer a cold call.
— LinkedIn: Achieving Social Selling Success

But there is hope!

B2B buyers are 5X more likely to engage with a sales rep who provides new insights about their business or industry.
— HBR: How B2B Sales Can Benefit from Social Selling

Invest in consultative sales training that teaches your sales team to adapt in real-time