How Entrepreneurs Can Get Amazing PR for $50 per Month

As if running a business wasn’t hard enough, now shows like Shark Tank have actually made people believe that being an entrepreneur is sexy. So now it’s not only hard to get your startup off the ground, but now there are tons of other wantrepreneurs vying to get noticed in the world. One of the quickest ways to gain traction for your startup is to get press coverage. However, unless you have relationships with journalists already, then you will have to pay a PR firm to get you on the radar of journalists.

The problem is that PR firms cost about $12,000 per month to start. Most startups don’t have $12,000 to spend on something that may or may not work like PR. But most startups have $50 to $500 that they can invest in doing their own PR. Here’s how you can hack the PR system for as little as $50 per month on Facebook Ads to get noticed by journalists, bloggers and influencers.

1) Create Amazing Content - You have to have great content. This means having something unique to say. Not every piece of content that you create needs to be life-altering; but if you’re going to put your hard earned startup revenue behind it, then it does. As I said in my piece about how to growth hack yourself, you need to focus most of your energy on your headline. You’re going to use it for your amazing content, and you’re going to use it again in your Facebook ads.

2) Buy Highly Targeted Facebook Ads - It’s scary how targeted you can get with your ads on Facebook, but you can target people by their job titles. That means that you can target Editors, Journalists, and Bloggers. Influencers likely have their own Facebook Page, so you can target the page of an individual writer directly too if they have one. When I first tested this method, I spent a measly $15, saw 74 hits to my site and made over 3,000 impressions.

My goal of this exercise was strictly to drive traffic and awareness. In the ad world, they call this "branding" because the idea is to create a consistent stream of impressions in the mind of the audience so that they eventually take an action. In this case, my audience was journalists. My goal for the consistent stream is that they will become familiar with the work of my company and write about it.

3) Only Run the Facebook Ad on Friday - Friday is the slowest news day. When public entities want to hide bad news that they’re required to share, then they release it on Fridays. Journalists are looking for stories to work on over the weekend so why not make it your story?

4) Focus on Your Facebook Ad Headline - Get the headline right, then you get the click. It’s that simple. CoSchedule has a great free tool for analyzing and testing headlines quickly.

5) Be Consistent - Run an ad to the same people with content every Friday. The point is to get the attention of someone that can open up your business story to the masses.

6) FollowUp - You will have no idea exactly who is clicking on your ad, but…you can write to your favorite journalists and say, “Journalists are flocking to this article I did on X, and I would love to have you be the one to give me an exclusive interview."

BONUS TIP - Google AdWords - If you know the journalists that you want to target, then buy their name on Google AdWords. Most people Google themselves. Unless the name of the journalist is John Smith (or the like), then you can buy AdWords for $5 to target the actual journalist.

Starting a business is easy. Getting your business noticed by the outside world is hard. Companies that get noticed quickly usually have expensive PR agencies. If you don't have the $12,000 to spend on a PR agency, then get creative and invest a bit of money into your own PR.