Within the last week, I started a new financial blog. In addition to creating great content, what are some other methods of driving traffic to my blog?

I will assume that you are not a professional blogger nor involved with any kind of internet marketing, SEO tactics and things of that nature.

The single biggest thing that you can focus on is anything that is outside of your own blog. So, what you want to do is think of your blog as a hub, and all the spokes on the hub as the outreach. The following are advice on how to extend the outreach of your hub:

1. Explore

Find places (Quora, LinkedIn, Facebook, Reddit, Forums etc.) where people are already talking about what you are blogging about, and answer questions or write content that the audience is looking for. The content does not have to be written - it can be audio or video, get creative.

2. Repurpose

Once you’ve done your research and showed off your expertise, you should repurpose that content for your actual blog. So when people see an answer you’d written, they can go to your blog and check out more content. One of the best examples I’ve seen of this was done by a guy named Jason M. Lemkin (Home – SaaStr). Every piece of content on his website is based of a question that he’d written on Quora. He is a great example of how to repurpose your answers into blogs without spending time and money on advertising, or trying to do something nearly impossible - like getting a lot of views to your website quickly.

Go to where the fish are, and start fishing there.

Good luck!