Why does LinkedIn require me to log in so frequently?

There are a number of reasons why LinkedIn may require you to log in so frequently. I will list 3 of them below.

1 - Protection of the security features LinkedIn has for its entire network.

One of the ways LinkedIn is able to this is if they recognize any suspicious activity, it makes you log back in to your account for the good of the network as a whole. Each user affects the entire network, so LinkedIn has to make sure that the network is protected overall.

2 - Date and time settings on your computer.

This is usually not problem for Mac computers, but it might be for Windows, so it affects your log ins. Some reasons this might happen are if you have given your login information to a third party, logged in from multiple computers or logged in from untrusted sources (or at least what LinkedIn algorithms recognize as untrusted, or don’t recognize at all).

3 - Workplace security firewalls.

If you are logged in from work, sometimes work security firewalls unable you to get to certain website or your supervisors have cleared out cache so LinkedIn may think you are a completely new person logging in from the same computer.

Most likely, one of the three reasons above is why LinkedIn asks you to log in so frequently. If you think typing in your password each time is a waste of time, try and get a password management software. I have been using Dashlane for quite some time, and I would recommend it to anyone.