What social selling techniques have worked the best for you?

Social selling is a mindset, there are no techniques. Techniques are a part of either workflow design or ecosystem design. This is the system that I use:


Social sales design is a mindset. It’s not about tools and tactics but how you look at the world and share information.

The best “technique” to get your mindset on track is realize that you have to be real or you’ll be replaced. It’s just the world we live in. People are just too used to big brands, but that is just the tip of the iceberg to get people interested in a product or a solution. Your transparency and authenticity in the way that you’re sharing your knowledge with people is what’s going to keep them engaged with your brand or the brand that you work for.

The way that you develop social selling mindset is esentially just figuring out or listening to what people are trying to get to. So, I usually find that if you ask “Why?” three times, they’ll eventually tell you what they’re trying to get to. Some are more transparent than others, some take a bit more time, but if you just keep asking “Why?” (and don’t be annoying about it), they’ll eventually tell you what their ultimate goal is. At that point it just becomes sharing the knowledge that you have.

In essence, that’s social selling because you’re having a conversation, it’s not you talking at somebody .

Hope this helps!