What should Google do to make G Suite more popular in the business world?

This is a great question! Google has a tremendous opportunity to make an impact in the Microsoft Office world, and a lot of legacy systems as well.

In my opinion, the biggest thing that Google is not doing properly with G Suite is they’re not leveraging their partners properly.

When you look at the Google ISV page and their recommended partners, they have amazing partners that enable you to take the G Suite to the next level for the enterprise.

For customer support, you have companies like Fresh Desk, for simple Sign on you have Octa, for document management and enterprising control you have AODocs -full disclosure, I work for AoDocs which basically is a Sharepoint on top of Google G Suite. Any clients that we get are traditionally moving from the Sharepoint environment to G Suite and they put AoDocs on top of it to make that possible. There are other partners, big ones like DocuSign for e-signatures, Dial Pad for VPN services, Xero for invoice etc.

The point is that Google has got to do a better job of understanding what these partners do, and getting them in conversations with clients because right now the process is largely separate - they’re not exactly bringing those partners into the conversations to make the best use of G Suite.

For instance, the perfect comparison is Facebook. Facebook has Global Account Managers that are responsible for knowing, in general, about all Facebook products. They will go to a client like BMW North America (making it up) and say “Okay, here’s the entire list of Facebook products, here is how we can help you internally, and these are the Facebook reps and external partners that we’ll introduce you to.”

That’s not how Google is currently doing it, at least not to outsiders. When you look at the way Facebook does it, they are successful because they realized that they can’t do everything nor be specialists in everything, they just have to know a little bit about everything that can be done, and then prove that the relationships make a win-win-win situation for everybody that’s involved in the eco system.

Basically, for G Suite to become more popular in business world, there is one huge player and that’s Office 365. The fact is that G Suite has a better product - the only product that really lacks currently is versus Microsoft Excel, and that’s actually changing very quickly. Google Sheets is about to have a major release.

There are companies that pay millions of dollars a year just because they want to keep Microsoft Excel - they actually hate the rest of the Microsoft Office (so I’ve been told by Microsoft clients). They don’t switch because Google is not giving them a competent solution with their partners to figure it out. For them to tackle this beast, it’s going to take a partnership effort.

Microsoft does a great job of leveraging their partners to promote their products, and make sure there is a win-win-win situation for everyone.

As soon as Google can figure out how to do this more effectively with G Suite, they will become more popular in the business world.