What podcasts have changed your way of thinking?

Many of the podcasts mentioned have had an effect on my thinking. The one that does it consistently is Andrew Warner’s Mixergy.

0308 - 1.jpg

Many podcasts have great guests. However, I can tell that Andrew’s team does a great amount of prep work pre-production. Once the show starts recording, Andrew does a fantastic job of asking questions even when it’s uncomfortable. It’s the only podcast that I listen to without first glancing at the topic because there’s a 90% chance that I will get something useful out of it.

BTW, a strong up and comer that I have my eye on is Louis Grenier’s Everyone Hates Marketers.

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His show has a lot of the same production value as Andrew’s, but it’s more focused on sales and marketing. It has become the second podcast I check when I’m in “podcast mode listening” mode.

Keep getting better Omari Thompson!!