What is the difference between brand personality and brand self-expression?

I’m assuming that you are requesting an answer about personal brand vs personal brand self-expression. The difference is pretty simple.

Brand personality is what people think about when they think about you, your name, or the brand that you work for.

Brand self-expression is just the various ways that you put yourself out there to be seen.

Example: Brand Personality

When people think about Nike they think athletic, usually footwear, some clothing as well.

Example: Brand Self-Expression

Nike might do one-off ad campaign of that where they have an athlete doing a street-ball competition while eating french fries as a joke. This would be something that is completely out of character for Nike’s brand.

Another example of brand self -expression are the individual athletes that represent Nike. The personality that they display on the court or field is a form of self-expression for Nike.

Personal Brand Examples

Your brand personality might be that you are an excellent account manager, or an excellent financial analyst, or a sales person. Your clients and colleagues know you as the person that can execute that profession.

Your brand self-expression might be the various things you put on Instagram or other social networks as your way of expressing yourself.