What is the best book on Personal Branding?

Once you understand that personal branding is about consistency of your mindset and the value that you provide to others, you’re looking for a book about mindset not about a logo or something creative or whatever your preconceived notions of personal branding are.

The number one book that I think should be read and listened to (I listen to an audiobook once every 3 months) is called The War of Art by Steven Pressfield. This is the number one book on personal branding when you look at it from the mindset perspective.


A very close one, and a little bit more traditional is the book called Known by Mark Schaefer. It’s a book on how to build a personal brand, so this is one that I would read as well.


As far as the mindset, living day-to-day and maintaining that consistency, The War of Art would be my top choice.