What is a good workflow when writing a blog post?

I find the best way to do this is to speak first because usually, unless you are a skilled writer, your brain is going to move faster to your lips than it does to your fingers. Basically, you can speak your thoughts a lot faster than you can write. For example, I use the Voice Record Pro and so far so good.

So, I typically will record an audio file and then I will either take that audio file and make a rough draft of the blog post I’m trying to make, or hand it off to a writer to translate my audio notes into a blog post.

Then, once I’m done with that I will have an editor take a look at the blog post and if I need pictures, I will have them created or found for the blog post.

This significantly reduces my time in terms of how quickly I can get content out. I get it out much faster when I start with an audio/video note as opposed to when I just try and write down my thoughts on the paper.