What are some platforms for B2B networking, aside from LinkedIn?

The first thing to understand is that I have social selling mindset and this is important for B2B. It means that if the data is out there and you can communicate then you should be reaching out to the ecosystem where your audience already is. With that in mind these are the 5 places I can recommend and point you to:

  1. Facebook Groups

These are higly targeted groups of people you should be interacting with in your market.


2. Facebook Messenger

Great for one-on-one communication.


3. Words with Friends

A lot of people play games on their phone, and this game is connected to your Facebook profile and you can start a game with somebody you know or are trying to get in touch with. It’s a great ice breaker.


4. Whatsapp

It’s a secure messaging platform that requires you to have somebody’s cell phone number. It’s a bit different that the FB Messenger experience because it’s a little bit more personal.


5. Snapchat

Snapchat is more of a piece of software or a phone within a phone. You can text messages, videos, pictures, share links etc. It feels like a very secure environment to get in touch with people.


Those are the 5 B2B networking platforms that I’ve used aside from LinkedIn.