Is there a way to export your leads from LinkedIn Sales Navigator to an Excel file?

Yes indeed, there is. However, you would have to use the Sales Navigator in combination with the Linked Helper. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1

● Open LinkedIn Sales Navigator and start your advanced lead search.

● Choose from the drop down boxes under the different search categories you wish to use. For example, Industry, Country, Titles, Company, Relationship (second connections), and years with the company.

Step 2

● Hit Search and wait for results.

Step 3

● Open Linked Helper and choose the Second Tab and then hit the box.

Step 4

● Scroll down to Collect, Select, & Invite 2nd & 3rd contacts.

Step 5

● Create a new invites list and name it.

Step 6

● Go to Collect profiles from search for extraction and click it on.

Step 6

After it has ran for awhile turn it Off.

Step 7

● Under the Second tab, click on Extract Collected Profiles.

Step 8

● Stop Profile Extraction

Step 9

● Export your information into either Excel or Google Sheets

Step 10

● Download CSV

Step 11

● Go to Lead book and hit import

Step 12

● Now Upload

Step 13

● Go to your spreadsheet for results.