Is it okay to message the hiring manager in LinkedIn (1st degree connection) after I have sent my job application? What should I tell him/her for me not to sound annoying?

The worst way to answer this question is with a ‘NO’. One of the answers here says: “You shouldn’t message the hiring manager directly unless they’ve explicitly asked you to.” - BULLSHIT.

This is 2018, it’s a hand-to-hand combat to get a job in just about any profession. So, unless they’re beating down the door to get to you, I highly suggest being aggressive and reaching out to the hiring manager, whether they’re the 1st degree connection or not.

This is how you do it. Let’s say you’re searching for a job on LinkedIn, I’ve typed in Enterprise Sales Executive, and I’m searching for the jobs where I have a high chance of getting into (among the top 10–12% applicants).

LI Job Shot.png

This above is a good example at Workfront - I am among the top 10% of applicants, and 6 of my connections work here. I’m going to first open the job in a new tab, and look at the job specifications and responsibilities. I’m going to assume that the first couple of bullet points are of the most priority.

LI Job First Bullet.png

Next, I’m going to pick one or all 6 connections that work at the Workfront, in this case I’m picking somebody I know, named Brice. He is a connection with the sales department of the company. In this case, I also know the recruiter. Then we want to search for hiring managers.

Go to the Sales Navigator: Sign In to LinkedIn and search for leads - we are looking for the company we’re applying to. We don’t know who the hiring manager is, but we do know the VP of Sales is responsible for driving revenue, so these guys Steve and Carl (see image below) will be good people to contact because they are the head of sales.

LSN Lead Generator.png

While they’re probably not the exact hiring managers we’re looking for, they can point you to the right place. Let’s now open Carl’s profile in the new tab. You will want to have Rocket Reach downloaded for the next step and make sure you have its Chrome extension. You can see that there’s a one right there which means they have some contact information. We’ll hit that and it tells you his work email, so go ahead and hit add. I will go ahead and put it in my personal CRM Vault.

Rocketreach SS.png

Now that we got his email address, we can go ahead and email Carl. So, what to write to him?

I would type in “Top 10% candidate for the job” in the subject line. Then “//Director, Sales Enterprise”, and simply say “I can meet and exceed al quarterly and annual quotas for the entreprise sales executive team” and show an attachment of the screenshot where LinkedIn said so.

That’s what I would do to apply for the Job!