Is endorsing people on LinkedIn a good sales strategy?

A lot of people answer a strightforward “NO” to this question because they see it as outdated since LinkedIn allows you to endorse people by default.

I agree with this thinking, but I think there is a better way to look at this - if you can invest a little bit of money, about $15, in a tool called Linked Helper it is absolutely worth it!

Endorsing people on LinkedIn keeps you top-of -mind, because when you endorse a person for whatever skill, you’re not only making them feel good but also LinkedIn is going to tell them who endorsed them. So, it keeps you top-of-mind.

With Linked Helper you don’t have to spend a lot of energy to do this because it will do it automatically for you. How do you do it?

1. Download and Install Linked Helper

It’s a pretty simple process and they guide you through it.

2. Collect and Endorse

There are 4 tabs on Linked Helper, and on the second tab it says “Endorse my Contacts”.

LI See Your Network.png

All you do is go your network of people, and click “Collect” and it will automatically start collecting all your contacts that you have already. I wouldn’t recommend doing all of them at once - do a 100 or so for the start.

LinkedHelper Endorse.png

3. Endorse Contacts

Then, all you do is click the “Endorse” button. What happens is Linked Helper goes to those profiles and starts endorsing them for 1,2,3 skillsets. You can run it and just move that window into the Background.

LinkedHelper Automate.png

What’s happening is it’s notifying people that you’re thinking about them or you’re aware of them. Just because you’ve automated it, doesn’t mean you’re not. It just means you have only so much time in the day, and you’re using a tool that makes it easier for you. They don’t know that, so what’s the harm in it anyways.

I think endorsing people is a great way of increasing sales from the standpoint of increasing visibility in the minds of your Clients.