I am struggling mentally and I fail at everything I attempt (job search, love life, even everyday conversations). How do I find ways to boost myself and turn my life around?

Create. Create. Create.

This is a very personal question. I feel like I’ve dealt with some mild form of anxiety or depression pretty much since I was a teenager. It was probably at the end of high school that I recognized it. And a decade later I realized that there was something off there and I had to take some mild anti-depressants. It seems now that it’s not that unusual, so I’m not sure how normal or abnormal I am.

But…, I’ve been through lots of ups and downs. My life looks like an EKG in some respects.


Do something that you love first thing in the morning.

For instance, when I wake up the first thing I do is I have this notebook and I write something I am thankful for. It gets me up in the morning. For someone else that could be going for a run (I hate running), or anything that you know you can accomplish that doesn’t require any mental energy because you are doing something you love.

Stop consuming media or whatever is on your phone.

There is so much for you to look there and makes it hard for people to feel accomplished. This isn’t something I realized over night. You should start doing things and making connections with people, and the next thing you know you are creating patterns and trends. It doesn’t happen over night.

Focus more on creating.

Or at least doing anything you love, find something that will get you out of your bed and boost your confidence and morale.

Here is a link to my blog I’ve written on LinkedIn about one of the lowest point in my life: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/m...

The point is to keep creating what you love because it’s going to bring you happiness through building confidence.