How important is personal branding?

To start off, you need to be aware that you have your own personal brand whether you want one or not. People have an opinion of you, they have a prejudice towards you, they think something about you - so, automatically, all of that is your personal brand.

A brand is whatever comes to mind when you think about something. It has nothing to do with the logo - it’s about what that sign/symbol makes you think and feel when you see it.

This is going to become even more prevalent as time goes on. In 2017, 34% of the entire workforce is in the gig economy (uber etc), coupled up with a fact they’re expecting more than half of the SP500 to be replaced by the next decade.

So, the reason why the personal brand is so important is because it’s going to come down to how well you are displaying yourself to the world. Nobody is reading resumes anymore, people Google you first. And you need to control what shows up in the searches.

All in all, personal branding is extremely important for your career and the ability to earn money now and in the future.