How do I develop my own personal brand and improve my brand equity?

To start off, you need to be aware that you have your own personal brand whether you want one or not. People have an opinion of you, they have a prejudice towards you, they think something about you - so, automatically, all of that is your personal brand.

A brand is whatever comes to mind when you think about something. It has nothing to do with the logo - it’s about what that sign/symbol makes you think and feel when you see it.

So, you have a personal brand. How do you improve your brand equity? The answer to this is quite simple: Do you deliver consistently on the promises you make? Whether that’s a deliberate promise, like delivering work in 24h, it’s just the way you repeatedly do your work (either working for somebody else or providing a service as an entrepreneur or consultant).

The brand equity gets doubled up by the consistency that you provide in which you provide the service that you offer.