How can you use Quora professionally?

This is a great question!

First things first, focus on optimizing your Quora profile and start from there:

  • Get your head-shot on point
    • If you don’t have one, you can make a small investment in Headshot Truck. If you’re not in LA/NYC/ATL, then hit up a local WeWork. They always have a photographer has a tenant.
  • Optimize your headline - e.g. mine says ‘I make personal brands stronger by building better systems’
Quora Headline & Headshot.png
  • Make the first 2 lines of your profile short and sweet + add some links
  • Add the ‘Knows about’ section and pick top 5 that you want people to see
Quora Lead and Knows About.png
  • When you’re answering questions, try to bring as much value as possible
  • Pin your top answer by upvotes
Quora Pinned Answer.png
  • Save questions for ‘Answer Later’ on Quora frequently
  • Once you answer a question, go to LinkedIn and repurpose your answers (or at least the ones that did well)
  • This is kind of cool because Quora gives you the testing ground to see who is interested in what or go to stats, and see what the most popular answers are and repurpose those for LinkedIn posts that link back to the original Quora answer.
LI Post from Quora.png

That’s how you can use Quora professionally, and it’s highly effective for getting visibility into your expertise.

I highly recommend making it a daily habit.