How can I grow my personal brand?

Your personal brand is made of 3 parts:


1. Mindset (Social Selling)

It basically comes down to sharing your content and making sure that you understand you have to give to get in this world - to gain trust. The alternative is paying for your traffic or having people pay you for your knowledge. Most people start from nothing and try to grow their brand.

2. Workflow

It comes down to infrastructure you have in place or maintaining consistency.

3. Ecosystem (Audience)

The growth question really comes to life in this part. What most people do is start blogging on a platform and the problem with that is if it’s a hobby that’s okay, but if it’s not a hobby and the goal is to create a valuable personal brand, you have to find out where your audience is. You have to find out what they want to hear about or know about and create that content. The ideas is that as you keep creating that content people will start growing your personal brand in terms of knowing who you are.

The strength of your personal brand comes down to how often you deliver consistently. Your personal brand is nothing more than consistent thought that people have in their mind about your - esentially, your reputation.

That’s how I would grow my personal brand.