Are there any guidelines from big B2B companies for their sales people on how to use social media to close more deals?

First things first, you are not going to close any deals on social media. I assume what the question is asking is “Is there a way to sell better or make more connections using social media?” I am not aware of how a sales person can close a deal using social media only.

Let’s imagine we are doing the actual process of selling or marketing the company, not actually closing a deal. This is basically what I teach - a 5 part system for salesreps that includes:

1) Build your mindset

A lot of sales people focus on a lot of external factors and that usually comes from lack of experience. Trying to focus on the outside factors is like being a hamster on a wheel, so avoid doing that. Focus on what you can control and on what’s in front of you.

Remember that there is a brand called “you” and control the message that’s coming out of your mouth. Understand that your brand is your career, it dictates what you are going to be and what you are now. Also, understand that you need to be a content machine. Brands exist because they are putting out content, and you have to be that middle-man for the company - you are the sales rep and that’s your job.

2) Position your product

This goes back to what you can control, but it’s really about working with what you’re given. Sales people, me included, like to bitch about not getting enough marketing support or leads. On the other side, marketing is bitching that we are not closing the leads. Work with what you’re given is a big part of what you’re doing, and the way your do that is reverse engineer what is given to you and what works for your company.

3) Build your own point of view

Very simple, have something to say. Sales is about listening, and not showing off what you know personally, but showing off what you know about your product. I always tell people - categorize yourself or get categorized. The way you create that category is to get pissed off - plant your flag on what makes you different in your industry - get pissed off.

Last thing, be different, not better. There are no rules in the sales world. Go back to what you can control. If you try to be better, you’ll lose because you are playing their game. If you are different, nobody can copy you. Be your own competition.

4) Build your ecosystem

Your eco system is your community. Target buyers, influencers, and your audience using social media and ads. Build around it. It’s on you to do brand awareness, especially B2B. Measure your results in order to prove people that what you do is awesome.

5) Build your workflow engine

This is really important because you can’t do all of this by yourself and remain sane. Figure out what you’re company gives you and where the gaps are. Invest in yourself, figure out what you’re lacking and make life easier for yourself.

Figure out what 98% of other professionals are doing and go put in the extra work that is required to get in that 2%.

Good luck!