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The Digital Technology Consultancy for Thought Leaders

As a Founder, how do you grow your business when you can’t scale your expertise or relationships? just have to repurpose your existing content into formats that reach new audiences.

SellPersonal exists to repurpose your existing content into stories that sell.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Define Your Target Customer Profile

  2. Find Your Buying Audiences (Lists)

  3. Enrich Your Lists

  4. Repurpose Your Successes Into Stories

  5. Launch Your Stories To Relevant Buyers

"Dude, your content is freaking gold dust."
-James Palmer, Founder - Email Magpie
"I'll rarely read cold emails from sales reps. Anything Christien sends me is gold! I'm glad he's training Founders to be more strategic."
-Meg Crawford, Fortune 250 Technology Brand
"I'm an accountant. My expertise never really changes, so it was always a struggle to create new content. The SellPersonal team helps me find new audiences to sell my services."
-Michael Hsu, Founder - DeepSky
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